Good news! The registration certificate of six new reagent projects of 金年会6766澳门联合!


Recently, Hunan 金年会6766澳门联合 Biotech Co., Ltd., as a subsidiary of 金年会6766澳门联合, has officially obtained GADA Test Kit (Chemiluminescence Method), IAA Test Kit (Chemiluminescence Method), IA-2A Test Kit (Chemiluminescence Method), ICA Test Kit (Chemiluminescence Method) , FDP Test Kit (Chemiluminescence Method) and hs-cTnl Test Kit (Chemiluminescence Method),a total of 6 medical device registration certificates officially approved by Drug Administration of Hunan Province.

The six reagent projects were certified this time, which further enriched the package list of 金年会6766澳门联合’s reagent projects. Up to now, 41 matching reagent projects of iStar 500 have obtained registration certificates. The products cover such disease diagnosis fields as myocardial markers, thyroid function, endocrine hormones, autoimmunity, reproductive health, bone metabolism, inflammation and infection, and liver disease monitoring.

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