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iStar 500 Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer Flexibility Meets Accuracy

Features and Characteristics
Compact design
Smart reagent strip
Mini size reagent kit
Bench top analyzer
High efficiency
Throughput speed is up to 36 T/H
First result come in 11 minutes
Outstanding flexibility
Mono-test reagent strip
Multi-parameter consecutive testing
High automation
Auto-sampling and automatic cup grabbing
Real-time monitoring consumption
Supporting bi-direction LIS
Accurate results
Acridium easter luminescence, the sensitivity < 10 Anti-contamination washing system
Non-contact mixing
iStar 500
Detection Principle
Acridinim-ester direct chemiluminescence
36 T/H
Time to first result
11 mins
Auto Sampling Position
Sample Types
Serum, Plasma, Urine, etc.
Sample Volume
5-150 uL
Reagent Position
6 × 2
Reaction Vessel Capacity
24 × 2
10.1" build-in multi-color touch screen
Incubation Temperature
37.0 ± 0.3°C
Communication Ports
Network port, com port, support bi-direction LIS
550 mm(W) × 570 mm(D) × 680 mm(H)
55 kg
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