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  • 金年会6766澳门联合 Medical Device Industrial Park was announced to start construction in Hunan Province. At present, the company is actively deploying next-generation diagnostic technologies and platforms, striving to achieve breakthroughs in diagnostic technologies such as microfluidics and multiple detection, and broaden the company's product line and disease detection projects.

  • 金年会6766澳门联合’s parent company YHLO  (stock code: 688575) has officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on May 17, 2021. At the same year, 金年会6766澳门联合 launched iStar 500 Automatic Monotest CLIA Analyzer. The company's main products iStar 500 and its supporting immunodiagnostic reagents obtained the Guangdong Medical Device Registration Certificate on March 15, 2021. iStar 500 fully conforms to the country's hierarchical diagnosis and treatment policy, and will quickly occupy the market segments such as chest pain centers and clinical departments in township hospitals, community hospitals, and large hospitals in the next few years.

  • In 2018, 金年会6766澳门联合 Established. 金年会6766澳门联合 focuses on the research and development and innovation of POCT products in the field of in vitro diagnostics, attaches importance to the introduction and training of talents, and has established a multi-subjects and multi-layer elite team with entrepreneurial ideals . After that, the company awarded “Top Innovative Enterprises in Shenzhen”as well as won the prize of “Innovation Star Cup for Excellent Reagent”.

  • YHLO launched iFlash 1800 (bench-top CLIA) and UNICELL POCT system. In the same year, it awarded “China Most Investment Valuable Brand in IVD Field”. Dr. Frank, the chief scientist of the company, awarded “Lifetime Honorary Award of China IVD Industry Leader”.

  • The company awarded “National High-Tech Enterprise”. In addition, it launched iFlash 3000, China’s first high throughput CLIA analyzer and UNION, China’s first monotest immunology analyzer.

  • Parent Company YHLO Biotech Established. YHLO is an innovative and steadfastly growing company of immunoassay solutions headquartered in Shenzhen, China, specialized in developing, manufacturing and distributing in-vitro diagnostic instruments and reagents by a team of experienced scientists and engineers.

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